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I'm Noah Cornelius.

From my time with NBC26 Green Bay, CBS News Philadelphia, FOX Sports, and NASCAR, I have substantial experience with

news and sports anchoring/reporting, multimedia journalism, broadcast production, social media management, and public relations.

News & Sports Reel


A compilation of clips from my first two years in broadcasting.

Footage courtesy of CBS New Philadelphia, FOX Sports, and AppTV.

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Home: HTML Embed

Sports Air Check


A mix of calls from my first year of sports commentating. Material courtesy of 90.5 WASU-FM "The App."

Music/Talk Air Check

A mix of audio clips from my first year on the air. Material courtesy of 90.5 WASU-FM "The App."


Writing Portfolio

Click the images below to view examples of my writing capabilities.
Press release access courtesy of Rev Racing and the
NASCAR Drive for Diversity program.

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